How do you adapt your insurance offerings to thrive when digital disruption is constant? According to new research from Gartner, “Success in the modern...environment requires organizations to reimagine the future of the industry and identify the appropriate business models and technologies for their firms.”* As a CIO, are you in the beginning stages of your digital journey or are you further along with unique digital needs? Either way, you must accelerate the pace of your digital transformation to stay ahead of your competition, remain relevant to your customers and grow your market share.

Accomplishing this begins with establishing a clear vision for your comprehensive digital strategy. The two main drivers behind delivering on this vision are a clear plan for technology change within your platforms such as creating or optimizing your mobile app and processes for internal evolution such as your organizational culture, talent and resources.

In this report, you’ll learn approaches to developing a vision and strategy for your digital transformation, such as:

  • Reimagining operating and business models
  • Identifying and prioritizing technology trends
  • Digital strategy and innovation approach

Key takeaways include how to develop and mature your digital strategy and change the perspective on innovation from inside-out to outside-in.

Register to download the full Gartner report, "Digital Business Strategy and Innovation Primer for 2019" to act as a guide to develop a digital strategy that will help to secure the future success of your organization.

*Gartner: Financial Services Digital Business Strategy and Innovation Primer for 2019, Laurie Shotton, Nicole Sturgill, 5 February 2019