Protect policyholders and prevent losses.

You’ll be able to provide easy and effortless authentication on any device, plus protection from identity theft, while we protect you against claims fraud, account takeovers and other types of insurance fraud.

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66% of our insurance customers chose us because of our strong fraud prevention community.

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100% of new insurance customers saw ROI in less than one year.

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91% of surveyed customers are likely to recommend us.*

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Insurance fraud detection and prevention solutions created to secure insurers and their customers.

We make logins easy & fast, while stopping account takeovers, identity theft and claims fraud at all touchpoints.

  • Stop underwriting fraud and policy abuse.

    Decrease claims fraud, ghost broking or account takeover across the entire customer journey. Our fraud detection and prevention network continually monitors billions of devices’ behaviors and attributes and alerts you to fraud attempts.

  • Get support from experts and our fraud community.

    Our network of 4,000 fraud analysts are all working to prevent fraud. With deep data on over 5B devices and background on 50M reported incidents, our comprehensive database helps identify the bad guys in real time, and stop them cold.

  • Put call center fraudsters on permanent block.

    Crooks will often try to gather data about your customers, and then manipulate your call center agents and attempt to take over accounts or apply for new insurance policies. We help your agents quickly separate the good customers from the bad before providing service. And our multifactor authentication helps you strengthen security both online and off.

  • Prevent insurance fraud throughout the customer use cycle.

    Our proprietary device reputation database helps you stop insurance fraud at endorsement or mid-term adjustment by assessing new risk factors. Add a layer of identity verification at login and stop account takeovers, protecting your business and your customers.

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We have been using iovation for a few years now and am confident that it has been a huge asset in the AA’s fight against fraud, ensuring that the AA remains at the top of the leaderboard for fraud detection and prevention.

Stephanie Driscoll Fraud Operations Manager, The AA

We know what it takes to protect the insurance business.

Our insurance fraud prevention and authentication solutions are customized specifically to protect you and your customers.

Be secure from threats such as:

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